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Equine Massage Therapy

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Therapeutic & Performance massage has been used for centuries and some consider it as one of the oldest forms of therapy. More recently, this modality has been adopted and practiced in the animal industry and has been found to be extremely helpful in conjunction with standard veterinary medicine.

Therapeutic Massage: Therapeutic massage is used to promote overall general well being.  It helps to increase the circulatory and immune systems, loosens scars and some soft-tissue adhesions, improves muscle tone, digestion, and can dissolve blockages in the veins and lymph systems.  By the use of long strokes and kneading techniques to manipulate the superficial muscle layers, this method can be beneficial on not only a muscular level, but an internal and mental well being as well. 

Sports / Fitness Massage:
Pre-event massage warms up the horse by increasing circulation to the muscles to help prevent injury and promote flexibility. Combining massage and stretching prior to an event or exercise is beneficial in helping to reduce the possibility of injury.
Post event massage loosens up muscles by increasing blood flow and lymph movement to help decrease soreness and stiffness. The movement of waste products from the system also helps facilitate recovery.  

Fact: Massages will do your horse good, regardless of the amount of time or how frequently they happen. Touching and massaging your horse will not only help them physically, but will help them mentally relax and increase the bond you have with them.  

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