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Equine Flexion Therapy

Horses are asked to perform at the discretion of their owners needs. Wether you are going to an event, running on a track, or just going on a trail ride, the demands we require of these athletes can often times be extremely demanding.
With that demand, often times comes with soreness.

photo of horse

If you think about how we feel after running a mile, or working in the garden all day, you can imagine how your horse feels after an extensive work out as well.

As the muscles tighten with strain and fatigue, soreness sets in which can cause pain. With pain comes the behavioral issues, such as dropping leads, problems bending or collecting, or throwing their head.

Does your horse ever get ‘cinchy’?  
That can also be a sign of being sore.
Often times we blame the horse for being difficult or unwilling, when in actual fact, they just hurt. A horse that feels good will generally work good.


Equine Flexion, developed by Dan Markum, is designed to assess your horse’s abnormal behavior, and investigate the reasons for it.  Through a physical examination, stretching, and visual response, you can pin point the problem area, and help alleviate the pain.  The use of massage, stretching and stress point release is used to help break down and release trigger points and realign the body to its correct position, thus relieving pain. 

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