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It's not about the physical force ...

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

... this has on joints, tendon's and ligaments, although in some applications it can be used to support. It's main purpose is about being able to intercept pain and communicate with the brain!

Let's talk about fascia - what is it? Fascia is connective tissue under the skin, and it literally connects all parts of the body, from the skeletal system to soft tissue. Myofascia is the connective tissue that contains the muscular tissue.

When something happens causing a fascial restriction, it can cause pain, which in turn can sometimes cause lameness. If untreated, this can also cause compensation issues and behavioral changes. Both fascia and myofascia are tied to the nervous system, so when there is a breakdown or restriction, it sends out nociceptors - these are pain receptors that communicate with the brain.

So how do we stop that?

There are many holistic therapies that can help correct fascial restrictions such as kinesiology tape, massage, and PEMF therapy. The use of kinesiology tape gives the ability to tap into the nervous system at the skin level by lifting the hair, which lifts the skin, which separates compressed fascia, which allows increased blood flow and circulation to those restricted areas, thus reducing pain!

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