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Kinesiology Taping

The use of kinesiology tape in animals has been found to be a highly effective treatment for a wide range of healing.  

As in humans, when the tape is applied to the skin or in this case, the animal’s fur, it mechanically decompresses the skin and underlying tissues.  As the tape lifts the hair, it lifts the skin allowing for increased blood and lymph flow, increased circulation, and decreasing inflammation which in turn relieves pressure from nerve endings.  As the animal moves, the tape is stimulating nerves connected to the fascia called mechanoreceptors.  Mechanoreceptors inhibits nociceptors (the pain makers).

The more mechanoreceptors that can be stimulated the less pain will be felt. 

Uses for kinesiology tape include: 

  • Increasing blood, lymph, and circulation.

  • Decreases inflammation and pain. 

  • Offers unrestricted support to ligaments, tendons and joints 

  • Helps to release trigger points and facial adhesions 

  • By taping certain areas, we can assist proprioception (awareness to the position or movement of the body) to correct movement and carriage 

  • Assists in supporting organ function and restoring balanced energy flow through meridian lines

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